Round table

The expert roundtable on university-business cooperation (UBC) through success stories took place on November 28 in Riga Latvia. The roundtable event was divided in two sessions. During the first session - entitled “Are universities ready to lead UBC? 5 great examples” - representatives of the project partners shared their successful experience in collaboration between their respective institutions and commercial entities. At the conclusion of the first session the shortlist of criteria that will be used to select case studies for the project was presented. The criteria will serve as the basis for selection of cases studies for the Assembly, which is going to take place in spring 2014.The second session of the roundtable event was dedicated to expert discussion on the financial and marketing aspectsof university-business cooperation.  Here the experts looked into the importance of private capital in fostering university-business collaboration, as well as the potential of storytelling to drive successful cooperation between education institutions and commercial enterprises.

Video of the first session Video of the second session