Submission of case study

Case study submission is done through completing this web-form. All fields that are marked with asterix * are mandatory and have to be completed for the case study to be submitted.

Please follow these 6 steps to successfully complete the process.

  1. Fill-in the details about yourself or the person on whose behalf you are submitting the case study.
  2. Upload your filled-in case study template. You can download the case study template here.
  3. Upload your institution’s logo (in jpeg or png format).
  4. Upload any additional materials that you think are necessary to properly present the case study of your institution. Materials that you might consider relevant are additional documentation (in Word or pdf format), PowerPoint presentations, or images. You can upload up to 3 different files.
  5. Before submitting the case study, read the Terms and Conditions and indicate your agreement to them by clicking in the check-box.
  6. Submit the case study by clicking the «Submit» button.

In case you have any problems or need additional guidance, please send us an e-mail to

Information about the person submitting the case study.
Template submission
Please upload your filled-in case study template here. To do so, first, choose the file that you want to upload and then click «Upload».
Submission of additional information about the case study (optional).
Please submit any additonal information that you believe is important for the presentation of your case study. You can upload up to 3 different files.
Terms and Conditions
Submission of the case study
Click below to submit your case study together with all attachments. You will receive a confirmation on e-mail.