The aim of the project “University – Business Cooperation through Success Stories” (the UBC project) has been to enhance cooperation between higher education institutions (HEIs) and businesses. This has been achieved through the analysis of already successful cases of such cooperation in order to understand the prerequisites for successful, meaningful and valuable cooperation as evaluated by actors involved. The project covered 7 countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Denmark.

The UBC project has had 4 phases. First, there was a roundtable discussion among experts from the partner organisations on the prerequisites for HEI-business cooperation that is successful, meaningful and valuable. To watch the video recordings of the roundtable discussion, please visit the "Round table" section of this website. 

Second, a one-day forum – the UBC Assembly – was held where people from government institutions, HEIs, business and employer organizations were presented with the findings from the roundtable discussions and from the analysis of the case studies submitted by the project partners. Agenda, presentations and video recordings are available at the "Assembly" section of the website. 

Third, HEIs and businesses from the whole Nordic region were invited to submit their University-Business Collaboration cases, which were then examined for success prerequisites identified from previous literature and discussions with stakeholders. The case study database is available here

The fourth phase of the project has been dedicated to dissemination activities of the project, including the production of Handbook

The UBC project has benefitted from the support of the following organisations.

Financial contributors:

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